Spectacular cuisine all perfectly cooked with finest local ingredients and pure mineral water.

UJIKINTOKI with Tangyuan

Handmade ice cream is made from the powder of green tea, insistence of the delicate taste, topping with sweet red beans, which made with hot spring water, and chewy little white sweet Tangyuan, which made from sticky rice, explore one of our tasty traditional deserts.

SUKIYAKI with fresh local onions

Original recipe from Japan, contains perfectly stewed sauce from soy sauce. Start with uncooked fresh onions from Checheng, where is the main origin of local onion, quick-cooked sliced meat with liquid egg and various vegetables, enjoy the typical local gourmet.

Hot spring mochi red beans soup

Sweet soup of first choice of Taiwan red beans with mochi and candied kumquat, explore various unique flavorful and luscious tastes at the same time.

Udon Noodles

Refreshing smooth Udon Noodles

Cooked with local fresh ingredients

Poach patiently

Taste the natural sweetness