As you enter the hot spring, the exhaustion would be eliminated immediately.

Enjoy the view of mountains
and stare into space

In a Japanese gardening outdoor hot spring, enjoy the tender breeze, surrounded by mountains and relax yourself with powerful water jets for massaging. It is definitely a whole new experience of happiness, even just stare into space and do nothing specifically.

Converse with yourself

The traditional Japanese atmosphere has been entirely sustained as what it was, it also equips comfortable and sound sanitary ware and napping space, helps to listen to your inner soul and would never lose your way again.

The quality of hot spring

The sodium bicarbonate spring is 100% from Sichong Stream, richly contains many minerals, such as iron, barium and so on.

Besides activating blood circulation and relieving physical pain, as the iron oxidizes in the presence of air, it creates a layer of rusty smell and muddy yellow crystal on the water, called “TANG HUA in Mandarin, YUBANA or YUNOHANA in Japanese (湯花)” or “WEN QUAN HUA in Mandarin (溫泉花)”, which is quite precious and rear.

It is also called “Skin Beauty Spring”, capable of moistening the skin, softening old skin and regaining glowing and healthy skin.

Fare list of outdoor hot spring / bathing suite

  • Outdoor hot spring
    Type Adult Child
    Fare 280 240
    Opening hours
    Weekday 7:00~23:00 Holiday 6:30~23:00
    1. Please bring your own swimming suit, swimming cap and bath towel when you tend to use the outdoor hot spring.
    2. Child: 3-year old and above, under 120cm. Children under 3 years of age are free of charge (is required to enter with an adult).
    3. Please note that all fares are subject to change without prior notice.And it goes by the latest notification of Qing Quan. (Excluding Chinese New Year)
  • Bathing suite
    Type Luxury suite Japanese suite
    Weekday/90mins 1100 900
    Holiday/60mins 1100 900
    1. Each ticket admits 2 persons to share each bathing suite.
    2. No advance reservation.
    3. Please note that all fares are subject to change without prior notice. And it goes by the latest notification of Qing Quan. (Excluding Chinese New Year)
    Fare list of bathing suite
    Calm of Spoil yourself、Luxury Literary、Kyushu style 1500

7 things to know before you enter the hot spring

    1. It is inadvisable to enter the hot spring within 30 minutes before or 1 hour after having a meal and after drinking.
    2. Take a rest as you need before entering the hot spring right after an exhausted long journey or intense physical activities.
    3. Do not enter the hot spring if you are a patient having a chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease, consumption, hypertension, diabetes and many other circulatory system diseases.
    4. Do not enter the hot spring while you are on your period.
    5. To avoid enter the hot spring all alone if you are an expectant mother, disabled, elderly or child.
    6. Please leave the hot spring and ask staffs for an emergency help immediately once you feel physical discomfort.
    7. For keeping your own inner balance, please do not smoke before entering the hot spring.

Manners and Tips

    1. In order to improve public health, please take a shower thoroughly before entering the hot spring.
    2. The initial steps of entering the hot spring are feet bathing and then half-body bathing, and we suggest to keep your chest above the water line.
    3. Do not soak your body in the hot spring longer than 5~10 minutes each single time, and it is unadvisable to stay longer than 1 hour in total.
    4. While soaking your body in the hot spring, calm yourself down and let the water improve your circulation through slight stimulation, as a natural treatment, furthermore it preserves your health.
    5. Dry up your body with a towel right after leaving the hot spring. We suggest you to keep the moisture of hot spring which is able to keep you warm longer if it haven’t caused any allergic skin.
    6. For maintaining inner balance, rehydration before and after entering the hot spring and avoid irritation foods and beverages.